About your hostess

Bom dia
I’m Laurence, I welcome you to my place like at home!

After a few years working in a charming hotel in the south of France, where I am from, I joined a position as administrative and sales manager for a niche perfume designer.
13 years rich in experience, meetings but also travel, where I was able to travel a good part of Europe, and some countries in the Middle East and Asia.
All I was missing was the American continent and that’s been done for 5 years.

A slightly crazy idea took shape during an evening with friends…what if we went to Brazil to build bungalows on a beach.
This project, originally the result of a very lively evening, finally saw the light of day in 2019.
I invested alone in land, on the other side of the world, in a country that I didn’t know, where I didn’t speak the language…and the adventure began.
Followed Portuguese lessons, Brazilian paperwork for an investor visa, a building permit application and remote management of construction… a real headache but finally after a lot of setbacks, Villa Isola Bella opened its doors. doors in July 2019.

Since then, I have been showing you my daily life and especially my corner of paradise.

Dynamic, always in a good mood, full of ideas and above all organized, I accompany you during your stay to have a pleasant time but also to discover places that are not in the guides, anecdotes, history and much more. Moreover.
More than just a hostess, I am also your guide in the region!

So see you home soon.